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JELL Training & Consulting is based in Los Angeles, CA and was originally founded in 2005 by John R. Jell.  We provide big company consulting experience and high impact training at affordable rates to organizations of any size. From a small start-up company to a non-profit organization through to a multi-national corporation, our proven experience and disciplines apply to all. Per our training programs, we offer:

  • Ongoing open registration Leadership, Sales, and Public Speaking training programs that any                      organization can take advantage of

  • In-house training sessions that can accommodate larger groups of employees

​Our focus is simple: to help our clients improve synergy and discipline to accelerate business and people performance.

​Originally consulting on a part-time basis, John realized that he wanted to pursue his passion full time after discovering three critical things with small-to-medium sized companies and non-profit organizations in particular:

  • Entrepreneurs who started ventures often could only take the company so far. They needed               consulting expertise to take things to the next level.

  • Smaller businesses and non-profit organizations lacked disciplines in many areas to improve business and people results.

  • Many leaders with smaller budgets felt experienced consultants with strong track records were financially out of reach.

Even large multinationals had big room for improvement in discipline, process, and training for B2B teams. Having worked with organizations of all sizes, we can provide the expertise and discipline needed to help take your business results to the next level. 

JELL Training & Consulting can become your affordable analytical, planning, and training department. Our goal is to drive at least a 10-fold return-on-investment (ROI) for every dollar our clients invest in our services by abiding by our We C.A.R.E. mission.


Need more details? Contact us.

We are here to assist. For further information and a personalized consultation, contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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