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"I just recently took John's presentation course and was blown away! His delivery of this very complex subject matter was masterful and impactful. Though compact in subject matter, he delivered it in such a way that I will be digesting and implementing for the rest of my professional career and beyond. Great course and would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who gets the opportunity to spend a few hours with John. Great job!"

Squeaker Boi - Google Review




“Our company has rarely worked with 3rd party companies, and never for training as we have a unique culture that we stay true to. JELL was extremely flexible to work with and willing to customize electronic Leadership Development training content specific to our needs that would fit within our culture. This led us to working with JELL to pilot an instructor led Presentation Skills training that was very impactful for our mid-level manager teams. The tricks and tips were insightful. Applying the techniques learned was valuable and has truly made a difference!”


Aimee Peters, Director of Sales Training & Development

Monster Energy Company




"Our team hired JELL Training & Consulting to facilitate the DiSC assessments and lead us in a staff retreat to review the individual and group dynamics. It was an extremely interactive and eye opening process. The entire team learned so much about themselves and each other. We were able to implement the skills and ideas discussed right away. The entire process is something that we will all utilize in our toolbox to get through life! Thanks JELL Training & Consulting Team!!"

Julie Mino, President & CEO

Oxnard Convention & Visitors Bureau

Quick Dispense

“John spoke to our district-wide management team. He not only inspired our leaders to reconnect to their sense of purpose, yet gave them concrete and useful tools to bring back with them to their jobs. Love, love, love his 'Employee Fuel Gauge!' I can't tell you how many of our leaders immediately took that back to their respective staffs to check in with them all! Thank you again for sharing yourself with our team.”

Dr. Kelly King, Assistant Superintendent 

Glendale Unified School District 


“We hired JELL Training & Consulting to help us improve discipline in several areas and take things to the next level. They helped to restructure our interview and onboarding processes as well as deliver high impact training for our different divisions with great results in all areas. Our teams always work hard yet now they are working smarter! JELL Training & Consulting has delivered on their goal of providing customized, affordable solutions to help us accelerate results. I highly recommend them!”

Dave Betz, President and CEO

Quick Dispense 




"'A leader is not just what you hope to be, it is what you become'. JELL Training & Consulting’s Personal Leadership workshop was a day of plenty of insight. My staff and I will be communicating more effectively due to learning our different behavior traits through the DISC assessment. Highly recommend to anyone who feels work/life balance is important."


Pamela Kissel, President/CEO,

Calabasas Chamber of Commerce



"JELL Training & Consulting's "Change Management Done Well" program gave our staff a solid foundation for implementing the five needed steps given we are in the midst of a major change initiative right now. We saw a significant increase in staff buy-in and support following the training, and avoided many potential pitfalls, thanks to John. He is a dynamic trainer and showed high skill at adapting course content to the needs of our unique situation! Thank you!"

Petra Puls, Executive Director, 

First 5 Ventura


First 5 Logo.png




"John Jell and I worked together at Coca-Cola. John was working as a Sales and leadership trainer at the time. He was responsible for helping to hire and then develop over 300 individuals to become the best-in-class market development leaders. I was one of those hires and our Southern California team was best-in-class with 40% compounded annual growth 3 years in a row leading North America. I was part of Johns 6-week training program which helped build critical sales, time management, and business development skills. Reflecting back through the years on the key skills John taught, I'm still using them today to advance in my career. John is the strong coach every winning team needs! He is generous of his time and his knowledge and he goes the extra mile to make sure the trainees fully comprehend the principles behind the sales processes. I, as well as our other colleagues, found him to be very approachable and warm. He has a way of explaining things with a real world application, making it easier for trainees or new-hires to grasp. He is a truly reliable and highly skilled professional who cares about other people’s success! I am very confident in my recommendation of John!"

Brian Traum, Former Key Account Manager 

Coca Cola Enterprises


“JELL Training & Consulting quickly and efficiently provided a competitive assessment that greatly assisted our understanding of the competitive environment which has led to impactful business decisions.”

Charley Snell, Vice-President


“John, is a strong entrepreneur supported by a strong commercial mindset with very well developed marketing skills. He brings a lot of passion, energy and know how to support businesses by creating strong development and training programs for all levels within an organization and departments. I have leveraged his expertise and charisma to support my business and have always been able to achieve the expected results.” 

Lucien Ducrey, Director of Foodservice

Boars Head Brands


"I had the pleasure of working with John for 5 years at Nestle Professional Beverages. John brought passion, experience, and professionalism as our Director of Training and Business Development which directly helped develop our field sales team. In addition, I believe John to be one of the finest public speakers and facilitators in our industry. John carries himself with a presence few others enjoy. He is motivating, energizing, engaging and entertaining while clearly communicating the message at hand... I cannot recommend John highly enough in this capacity!"


Matt Marocco, Former Regional Account Manager

Nestle Professional Beverages

"I am a seasoned sales person with 20 years of experience and JELL has spiked a new sales high in me again!  The tips and tools I learned from JELL, as well as coaching I received 1:1, have given me more confidence to succeed. Your company is doing its sales force an injustice if you don't use JELL".


Denise Leasure – Regional Sales Representative, Quick Dispense 

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