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At JELL Training & Consulting, we believe in making a difference with our customers and our community. We believe that charity starts at home and encourage community service with our associates. We also believe in supporting the charitable efforts of our customers.

Our executives have held non-profit board positions helping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to benefit worthy causes. We have also volunteered many hours at community events, K-12 school events, and a coalition of charitable organizations. 

​Given this, for all new business customers we earn the right to do business with, we will donate 10% of our gross sales up to the first $5,000 billed and then issue a check of up to $500 on behalf of that customer to the charity of their choice. The check will be issued either 1) after our first 12 months of business or 2) if $5,000 in gross sales has been achieved, whichever comes first.

​There are a lot of people doing great things at great charities trying to put some more good into this world. They need more help. We want to do our part to help and motivate others to do more too! Here is to making a bigger difference together in your business and in the lives of those impacted by charities you support!

*Charity Support does not apply to Open Registration participants
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