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– 1 Day



Program Objective: To help all who orchestrate and implement change learn what to do before, during, and after a planned organizational transition to maximize employee psychological safety, minimize personal stress, and minimize disruption to the business.

Program Overview: The only thing that brings progress to this world is change. That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what is being implemented and how well it is handled.

From our experience, having survived many restructurings, as well as having been on the side of orchestrating organizational changes, it is safe to say that whichever side of the change equation you are on, neither is easy. Both can be stressful yet for different reasons. 

When you are on the side of orchestrating change, especially when people lose their jobs, it is an unpleasant task. Many executives making these decisions know that employees have mortgages, car payments, and kids in college. Tough decisions need to be made to remain competitive and move the organization forward. However, from our experience, senior executives too often recorded a video, attached it to a company-wide email, hit “Send,” then hit the road for a couple weeks until the dust settled.

Yes, the needed change got done. Was it embraced quickly and easily? Too often that is not the case. As well, rumors often get out ahead of restructurings causing a lot of additional anxiety and disruption.

That is why this 1-day program was developed. It is specifically designed for those who orchestrate and implement change to:


  • reduce their stress

  • improve their courage and confidence in making good decisions

  • improve the development of a strong plan, its communication, and implementation

  • help minimize anxiety of employees once announced

  • optimize organizational momentum

We review, in detail, our simple and effective 5-step process that can help make future organizational change initiatives go much smoother. We know what it takes before, during, and after a major announcement to help you maximize change embracement, culture transformation, and morale.

CUSTOMIZED WORKSHOP:  If you are about to embark upon a change initiative, or are in the midst of one, and need help prioritizing key action and communication items, we can customize and facilitate this program to help you brainstorm action items and solutions relevant to your situation.

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