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X is our B2C expert in the area of Automotive Sales. He has over 17 years of experience representing most major brands from domestic, to import, to luxury. He has solid experience selling both new and used vehicles with very strong managerial experience in Pre-owned/Used vehicle sales.

X is a proven automotive Sales leader who has repeatedly driven strong double digit volume increases in Pre-owned/Used vehicle sales for multiple dealerships with double digit year-over-year gross profit increases. How?


He can help quickly assess current used and new sales operations, identify improvement opportunities and apply structured performance improvement methodology and training. His strong experience includes Auto utilization with over 5000 appraisals done, trade and appraisal management, used inventory management, traffic management, reconditioning, pricing, OEM certification as well as online marketing and teaching teams to follow a proven disciplined sales process.

When it comes to sales process, X instills his proven techniques that seal the deal as well as protect or enhance dealer margins to create “Sales Professionals” versus “Sales Consultants.” He has a strong track record in hiring and training highly productive automotive sales specialists while also delivering solid bottom line improvements via implementing strict pricing strategies and inventory management improvements to pack the lot with vehicles that will have less than a 60-day turn.

If your vehicle sales are struggling across one or many dealerships, X is your man to help turn it around! He has delivered solid 6 digit gross profit improvements for many dealerships. We are confident that he can help you do the same!

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