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John Jell JELL Training and Consulting

John brings a wealth of experience to our clients given his strong Fortune 100® track record in accelerating business and people performance to drive sustainable results, as well as from his work in helping private sector, public sector, and nonprofit organizations do the same.


John has a strong background in building “people plans” to help deliver or over-deliver the annual business plan, then support execution of that plan through high impact leadership, sales, and public speaking training.


John spent 25 years with Nestlé® and The Coca-Cola Company® with compatible tenures in each building North American leading teams with both. He set a combined seven B2B business development precedents between both Coca-Cola (4) and Nestle (3), with a couple making national business news headlines. In between he worked for a privately held B2B and private equity B2C holding where his teams drove unmatched growth. He also served as the President of a K-5 public school PTA where fundraising quadrupled under his leadership to over $100,000/year to fund student enrichment programs and needed teacher supplies.

While the majority of John’s career was spent reporting to, and working closely with, senior executives, he made it a point to regularly get in the field with those on the front lines. This enabled him to see first-hand what was happening, as well as speak to customers, to ensure that boardroom strategy and plans matched desired field execution. When it didn’t, John was often trusted and tasked by his leadership with turning things around, including after the assimilation of an acquisition by Nestle. 

John’s track record and versatility in building, or rebuilding, teams and businesses enabled him to see the business through many different lenses.  He successfully led teams in 9 different functional disciplines including: Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, Sales (All, National, Field), Customer Marketing, Category Development, Channel Development, and Operations.


During John’s career he stepped into many newly created positions with no training. As a result, he developed a passion to help expedite learning and success for others at all levels of the organization. He became a top-rated facilitator for both Coca-Cola University and Nestle University before consulting full-time to teach his proven, proprietary disciplines plus was only 1 of 4 people globally certified at Coca-Cola as a “Master” facilitator when they were Fortune magazines “Most Admired” organization. He is also the author of 3 commercially published books on youth workforce preparation and an acclaimed keynote speaker.

Making a positive difference in the business and people results of clients is John’s passion. You will enjoy his professionalism, ability to connect with every level of the organization, knowledge, energy, ability to think outside of the box, ability to simplify needed improvements, and desire to rapidly improve business results with the rest of the dedicated JELL Training & Consulting team.


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