If you win on price you will likely lose on price. If you are competing on price, there is a high probability your product or service no longer has a compelling proposition.

How is what you offer better, special, and/or different for the price you charge in the channels wherein you play? Are there new channels that could provide strong growth?

 We can help you build stronger strategies, propositions, and sales tools to accelerate growth.


Are your growth rates marginal, flat, or negative? How are your products better, more special, and/or different to meet your target customer or consumer’s needs for the price you charge? Is a new or old competitor picking up more business you feel should have been yours?

All business growth starts with a compelling proposition. Doing a competitive analysis is a prerequisite if we are going to help you build a strong strategic marketing plan and make your proposition more compelling. So too is an assessment on your current channel strategy.

Based on our analysis, we will provide you with our professional opinion on where potential enhancements can be made to strengthen your value proposition and sales story to compete more effectively in existing channels and possibly open up new ones.


Hope is not a strategy. Neither is throwing spaghetti against a wall hoping that something sticks. Yet you would be surprised how often companies small-to-large use these 2 approaches with not-so-surprising poor results.

​Great strategy is impractical without a great plan and great execution. Our formula for SUCCESS is:

All three are critical for success yet it all starts with solid strategy!  Can you think of one product or service that did not achieve the desired success you wanted? If so, please answer the following questions:

  1. Was your target consumer/customer clearly identified?

  2. Did you have a solid strategy and plan to reach them? 

  3. Did you focus on the channels where you had the best chances of finding them? 

  4. Did you have adequate budgets to communicate to them? 

  5. Was your communication to build awareness simple and effective? 

  6. Was the sales team well trained so that they had that same impact on new and existing customers? 

  7. Was the selling cycle fast or slow? 

  8. How much money did you spend that got a less than desired or negative return-on-investment? 



​If you answered “No,” “Not Sure,” “Slow,” or “Moderate/A Lot” to any of the above we can help you get better focused, build better tools, and get more excitement in order to get more traction and a better return on your invested budget dollars. 


Want to drive more revenue and volume from your existing customer base? Need to give your Sales team a great reason to talk to customers again and close more big prospects? Promotions help!

Promotions do one thing well if done properly: they create excitement for internal and external customers.

We have built promotional programs that saw sales double or triple during the promotional window and then settle back at higher monthly volume levels with external customers.

We have also built exciting incentive promotional programs for internal team members too. We have heard it a few times over the years that “their paycheck is reward enough.” Yet time and time again when you put a carrot out there for your own team, results are substantially better. So is morale. Why?

Promotions re-ignite the competitive spirit, help break the day-to-day routine, and help bring high performing teams closer together. We have a winning formula that rewards individuals, teams, and their Managers that deliver. Put our experience to work for you.




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