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Our research focus and specialty is on two areas where we have seen strong insights gained that added tremendous internal value and enabled growth. They are:

  • Customer 360 Review

  • Company 360 Review

​​Your customers and employees will give it to you straight if you can ensure feedback is:

  • Anonymous - It is about what the issues are and what they think, not who said it

  • Shared with leadership - When people know their feedback is anonymous and will be shared as such with their leadership, the volume of feedback received can be 1) staggering and 2) company changing in a very good way

We can:

  1. provide objectivity in finding out what your customers and employees think about your company, products and people

  2. help you translate those insights into actionable strategies and plans

When is the last time you polled your employees and a cross section of your customers? We can help you gain insights that will strengthen synergy to accelerate performance with both groups.

Please see below for more details on each research area. 


What does a cross section of your customer base think of your company? Your products? Your Sales team? Your Service team? Innovation and renovation needed? A specialty of ours is helping you find out exactly what your customers think via live interviews or online surveys.


In B2B and B2C, we have seen it many times where actively listening to customers creates insight that can help drive strong innovation, product renovation, service improvements, and improved business results.  What are you waiting for? Contact us to learn more as our customer research could produce one of the best ROI’s for your business.


True story: CEO to their national team on a conference call: “Does anyone have any questions for me?” Not a single person spoke up.

Solution? Anonymous feedback with answers provided in a positive environment.

​What do your employees really think about your company? Leadership? Culture? Training? Strategy? Personal development? Rewards and recognition? Career prospects? Products? Quality? Service? Are you prepared to take action to address items they call out as needing attention?

While live meetings and conference calls are good, many people with great ideas do not speak up in front of their peers, bosses, or executives for a variety of reasons. Anonymity is the key to getting real and honest feedback from your employees...and we know how to do it!

We have been able to get the silent majority to speak up for many years securing strong insights that can create a more positive work environment and accelerate results.  How? Two ways:

1.     Via a confidential internal survey that respondents reply to anonymously.

2.     We can also help facilitate a live meeting to flush out issues, concerns, and action items where only select team members are in the room (no superiors present).

Whether an online survey or live meeting, we can help you get your fingers on the real pulse of your organization and then help you build the programs, processes, and tools to make it run forward faster.

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