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Program Objective: To understand one’s personal work behavioral style and learn how to build more effective relationships to improve the overall quality of the workplace.


Program Overview: Everything DiSC® Workplace delivers a comprehensive, easily customizable workplace development solution to engage every employee—regardless of title or position, department or function—in building more productive and effective relationships at work.

Participants will:

  • Discover their own DiSC® behavioral style and recognize the priorities, motivators, and stress triggers that shape their workplace experience

  • Explore other DiSC® styles and understand the differences and similarities among the varying behavioral styles

  • Identify strategies to make more meaningful connections with colleagues of various styles in order to work more effectively to reduce tension, solve problems, and contribute positively to their organizations

Based on our own experience, this program is often an eye-opening experience for those new to DiSC®.  For many, it is the first time they have ever received an accurate assessment of their own behavioral style and understand one is not better than another. It takes people of many styles communicating effectively with each other to create a high performing organization.

This is a great program for Manager’s to do with their teams or with representation of cross-functional teams. Combining facilitated classroom training with online pre-work and follow-up tools, this program helps participants understand and appreciate the different priorities, preferences, and values each individual brings to the workplace, and how they can learn to adapt to the style of others to work more effectively together.

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