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Program Objective: To convert Sales Representatives into Sales Professionals by observing them on sales calls and providing immediate coaching 1:1 to improve discipline and results.

Program Overview: Our working one-on-one with Sales people as they talk to prospects and existing customers is all about helping someone improve their game!


We have worked with people at the top, middle, and bottom of performance rankings…and guess what? Everyone had things they could improve on to get into and stay in the “Top 10%.”  Many got there. It is just that some people had more things to work on than others.


Five particular areas where organizations have found value in our 1:1 Sales coaching services are to:


  1. Help New Hires prioritize time and focus on the right accounts better

  2. Help people get more appointments and close at a higher rate

  3. Provide an objective assessment of under-performers with coaching to improve

  4. Help former high performers turn around a slump

  5. Help those promoted from Field Sales to National Account roles make needed adjustments


If you want an objective perspective on the performance of an individual, we can help by observing them and then coaching them 1:1 on the spot to improve Sales discipline and results. This applies to both Field Sales and National Account team members.


We can help identify strengths and areas of improvement for New Hires through to veterans, regardless of current or recent results.  We review our observations with the Sales person then provide a full recap to that individual with copy to their leadership for post-ride follow up.

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