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Our training goals are simple

  1. to help every participant become more successful immediately

  2. deliver, at least, a 10-fold return on investment for every $ invested in our programs 

  3. have each participant leave every session saying “That is the best training program I have ever attended!”

Training Programs: 

Our starting point for every leadership, sales, and public speaking program was one simple question…

“What are all the things we wished we would have learned 25 years ago to be much more successful sooner?”  Each program is designed to be simple to remember, easy to implement, and effective in driving results when applied in virtually every industry. All of the training programs noted below are offered for client specific on-site sessions. 

For organizations with limited to no training resources, as well as organizations with challenges scheduling large enough groups to do training on site, we offer regularly scheduled Open Enrollment training programs in critical business skill areas.

Open Registration Training:

With Open Registration Training, any sized business has the ability and flexibility to send individuals, or small groups, as needed, to learn Fortune 100® caliber disciplines with affordable prices for all.


“Register Now” circles are also shown below as Open Registration Training programs. Check out the upcoming dates for registration.

Open Registration Training fee includes a continental breakfast, lunch and refreshments.

To maximize the learning experience for all and maintain the integrity of our workshops, we have a target maximum participant size of 40 people for all Leadership and Sales workshops, 15 people for Presentation Skills, and 10 people for Facilitation Skills. 

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