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Program Objective: To enable affordable ongoing team learning which covers topics that can impact your business immediately all whilst being completed from the comfort of one’s office in less than 30 minutes.
Program Overview: Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep learning with a specific team on a continual basis without having to pull people out of the field for an expensive national or regional meeting? You can do so with our MLO-Monthly Learning Objective
® which we have pioneered from the need to make training more:

Impactful:  Topics are selected, prioritized, and developed based upon your team and what they want to learn more about 

Cost effective: Can be done at their office rather than paying the expense of flying everyone in for training 

Time effective: Can be done in <30 minutes with a short quiz to reinforce key learning aspects

Personal: Each participant receives a personal, versus automated, reply to their quiz

We have refined this process, popular with function specific teams, to help quickly and efficiently drive results. We have seen one topic alone help convert into over $500,000’s of competitive business shortly after the completion of an MLO…and without requiring any Sales Professionals to leave their office to learn how to do so. 

Don’t be surprised if our MLO-Monthly Learning Objective® is ranked the #1 learning method from your team like others have rated it. Let us show you how impactful and cost-effective this approach can be to ongoing training, learning, and development. 

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