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Program Objective: To help “People” managers become better coaches and learn key disciplines that are needed to maximize team member performance. 

Upon conclusion of this 1-day program, participants should be able to better understand:

  • The qualities of the most effective coaches…and bosses

  • What drives motivation, and how emotional and conversational intelligence are important contributors to it

  • Their own DiSC® management style assessment, how their style impacts others, and potential 1:1 adjustments to improve communication effectiveness with all

  • The 4 key steps to building a high-performance team

  • How to apply the 5-step coaching process to help every employee raise their game

  • The 4-steps of effectively dealing with the bottom 20% of employees

  • High impact 2-phase training strategy and 4 impactful training approaches to ensure all employees are being developed to drive sustainable improved results

  • Key components to performance coaching from our ACE Principle and Employee Fuel Gauge to help keep all employees highly engaged and motivated

Program Overview: What would the impact be if you could get just 10% more out of every person on your team? How different would your workplace be if people were actually excited to get to work on Monday?


As people drive results and conversations drive people, participants begin the program by reviewing their personal DiSC® management assessment. Understanding their own behavioral and communication style is the important first step. Once participants understand this, we delve into getting more from “underperformers,” “the best,” and “the rest.”


Improving performance is one thing but sustaining that improved effort is another. That is why we also delve into two additional critical areas:


  • key performance coaching elements from our ACE Principle

  • our Employee Fuel Gauge to help 1) assess where each team member’s current motivation level is and 2) potential actions to get each person to perform at higher levels


With this program, you can unleash the unharnessed potential that lies within your organization. Regardless of the size of your enterprise, the level of experience of your Managers, or their level in the organization, the disciplines taught in this program are proven to work. 


We offer private sessions for larger organizations and Open Enrollment programs for individuals from organizations of any size.


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