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National Accounts: Disciplines To Close And Grow Large Accounts Faster - 2.5 Day


Program Objective: To learn the skills and processes needed to accelerate closing, successfully managing, and growing large regional and national revenue opportunities.

Upon conclusion of this 2 ½ day program, participants should be able to better understand:

Day 1: Solution Selling Essentials

  • In their own words, what buyers like and dislike in Sales people

  • The Customer Evolution Pyramid

  • How perception and making assumptions influences the outcome of many sales calls

  • Why doing homework, researching the facts, and clearly identifying needs are critical to success

  • The 12-step Large Account Sales process

  • Our 4-step sales process, proven to sell solutions and drive results

  • How to build a strong Call Plan and why taking great notes is a mandatory step for attaining success

  • How to start and close a sales call strong

  • The 3 primary types of buyers, their 3 types of mindsets, the 3 key roles buyers may play in impacting the final purchase decision, and what WIIFT means

  • 4 levels of questions that gain customer insights, identify needs, and advance the sale

  • Our 4-step discovery and 5-step objection handling process 

  • Outside-of-the-box thinking and how it can be important in the creation of a win/win scenario


Day 2: Disciplines To Close Large Accounts Faster

  • A detailed review of our 12-step large account sales process that helped set multiple business development precedents for two Fortune® 100 companies. Topics included within our 12 steps are:

    • How to focus on the right opportunities and maximize return-on-invested-time

    • Successful cold calling and getting past the gatekeeper tips

    • What a disciplined sales call looks like pre, during, and post call

    • Effective ways to advance the sale including a helpful tool to increase the close rate of account tests

    • How to write an effective 1-page internal proposal

    • How to write effective emails with customers and business texting protocol

    • How to write and deliver a high impact proposal that has the customer engaged and smiling throughout

    • Proven and effective negotiation tips

    • Implementation management and what it takes to roll out a large program successfully

    • The large account sales funnel that successfully tracks what stage each account is at


Day 3 (½ day): Disciplines to Grow Large Accounts Faster

  • Once new business is closed, it must be managed and cultivated. That is why in this ½ day, we cover:

  • Understanding “offensive” versus “defensive” Sales management

  • Our 3 strategic business focus areas to drive growth and the supporting 12-step business building/rebuilding process

  • Proven tips and methods to accelerate volume in existing accounts

  • Low-cost Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tips that add value

  • The importance of business reviews and what an effective one looks like



Program Overview:  We have seven (7) large account business development precedents across two Fortune 100® industry leading prior employers that prove our disciplines work! A couple even made national business news headlines. Your team can learn from our “Master” Sales facilitator and large account "closer" what it takes to secure more large accounts faster, then grow and retain that business over time as well.

While working with many National Account teams over the years, we have seen:


  • Strong Sales Professionals promoted from Field Sales into National Account roles who then struggled. They were used to closing business deals weekly and surprised to discover it could take 12-18 months before they might close a new sale. Many tried diligently to be successful, yet they didn’t have all the skills necessary up front to find success quickly...skills we address in this workshop.

  • Seasoned veterans hit a wall because they were 1) hunting in the wrong channels, or 2) uncertain how to advance the customer further along in the sales process when schmoozing and golf games didn’t work.


For those involved in National Account/multi-unit sales, working smarter, not harder is critical. The focus in this program is to take those involved in hunting and closing large accounts through a multi-step process. The process includes focusing on the right targets, closing them in a disciplined way by selling "solutions" instead of products or services, and then growing that business as more accounts are added over time.


It is a delicate balance to make sure you manage and grow what has been closed, all whilst hunting and closing new business. It is cheaper to keep existing customers than find new ones and every customer must feel appreciated to be retained.


Our disciplines, if applied, can help your team build stronger strategic thinking skills, stronger strategic selling skills, accelerate selling cycle times, close large-scale opportunities quicker to drive stronger growth, grow that business consistently over time, as well as retain current business. 

We know that the disciplines learned in this program work. But for ultimate success, the processes and disciplines reviewed need to be integrated into your own sales culture. If this is done, and all participants apply what they learn, your organization could reap the benefits of closing and growing more large revenue opportunities-faster.

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