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Program Objective: To help “People” managers learn how simple it is to build, lead, and sustain high performing teams enabling them to raise the performance bar within their organization.  


Upon conclusion of this program participants should be able to better understand: 

  • Qualities of effective bosses, the 3 different hats they wear at all times, and why 

  • In depth review of the 4 key steps of building a high performance team, the 3 key principles in leading them effectively, and how to sustain high performance 

  • Their own DiSC® management style assessment, how their style impacts others, and potential 1:1 adjustments to improve communication effectiveness with direct reports

  • Proactive performance coaching and how to apply a simple 5-step coaching process to help every employee raise their game 

  • The 4 steps of effectively dealing with the bottom 20% of employees 

  • Why building bench-strength is so important and helpful tips to better prepare future leaders in your organization 

  • How to hire the “Right” people and get New Hires to “Superstar” in <90 days. Includes examining what a bad hire can actually cost you 

  • In-depth look at what it takes to keep all employees highly engaged and motivated 

  • High impact 2-phase training strategy and 6 impactful training approaches to raise the bar of your organization 

Program Overview:  Do you want to create a workplace where people love what they do so much that they can’t wait to get to work on Monday? Phase out TGIF and phase in TGIM by applying the principles of this program to synergize your organization and build high performing teams.

Our engaging 2-day program focuses on the basics of building, leading, and sustaining high performing teams. Whether an experienced C-level executive, business owner, veteran manager, or a person new to managing people in a front-line role, the tools and processes learned in this program are proven to help build stronger teams that can sustain results over time.


In most organizations, there are also 4 diverse groups in need of coaching and development: 1) high performers, 2) the steady-state middle group, 3) underperformers, as well as 4) New Hires. We integrate proven best practices to help get more out of each group sooner versus later after helping all participants first understand their DiSC® management style assessment.

If you have “People” managers who lead teams with more than 3 people, this is a must attend program. We offer private sessions for larger organizations and Open Enrollment programs for individuals from organizations of any size.  


We are confident that the small investment you need to make per person to attend our TGIM workshop can produce one of the best returns-on-investment your organization will ever see. 
NOTE: For people who may have 1 or 2 direct reports or are very new to managing people, we recommend our 1-day TGIM: Performance Coaching & Development  program.

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