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Field Sales: Disciplines To Get Into The Top 10% - 2 Day



Program Objective: To turn Sales Representatives selling products/services into Sales Professionals who sell “solutions” capable of earning a spot in the Top 10% of their industry.

Upon conclusion of this 2-day program, participants should be able to better understand:
Day 1:

  • In their own words, what buyers like and dislike in Sales people

  • The Customer Evolution Pyramid

  • How perception and making assumptions influences the outcome of many sales calls

  • Why doing homework, researching the facts, and clearly identifying needs are critical to success

  • The 7-step Field Sales process

  • Our 4-step sales process, proven to sell solutions and drive results

  • How to build a strong Call Plan and why taking great notes is a mandatory step for attaining success

  • How to start and close a sales call strong

  • The 3 primary types of buyers, their 3 types of mindsets, the 3 key roles buyers may play in impacting the final purchase decision, and what WIIFT means

  • 4 levels of questions that gain customer insights, identify needs, and advance the sale

  • Our 4-step discovery and 5-step objection handling process 

  • Outside-of-the-box thinking and how it can be important in the creation of a win/win scenario

Day 2:

  • Essential sources aimed at discovering great leads

  • Successful cold calling and getting past the gatekeeper tips

  • What a winning proposal looks like and how it will be engaging to a prospect

  • What “Flawless Professional Execution” entails once the account has been closed

  • What a “Sales Funnel” and “Lead Funnel” look like and why it is important to track where every prospect is

  • Understanding “offensive” versus “defensive” Sales management

  • Maximizing return-on-invested time with proven time and territory management principles

  • How to write effective emails with customers

  • Business Texting Protocol

Program Overview:
People who sell in the higher ranks of their organizations rarely sell products or services…they sell solutions! This high impact 2-day program has proven to help everyone, from new hires to seasoned veterans that sell any type of product, immediately drive stronger results by improving their solution selling techniques, communication skills, time management, territory management, and customer management skills.

The difference between “The Best” and “The Rest” often comes down to discipline. In this program, we cover core disciplines for high performance selling proven to accelerate results. If our tools and processes are applied and become a part of your culture, please don’t be surprised if you see a strong increase in growth. Over the years, we have seen several newly hired Sales Professionals earn their spot in the Top 10% within their first year by applying the tips and processes learned in this workshop.

We offer private sessions for larger organizations and Open Enrollment programs for individuals from organizations of any size.


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