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1½ Day


Program Objective: To learn the skills needed to properly prepare and facilitate an engaging, high impact learning experience where participants leave energized and immediately wanting to apply learnings.


Upon conclusion of this program participants should be able to better understand: 

  • The difference between teaching and facilitating

  • 2 primary types of facilitation: 1) imparting learning and 2) drawing learnings out

  • The “Less Is More” approach to developing presentations

  • Preparing simple and effective reference notes

  • Rehearsal tips to master content quickly and deliver confidently

  • Calming your nerves before you speak

  • Opening strong and establishing immediate credibility with the group

  • Proper flip chart protocol

  • Smoothly transitioning between topics

  • Questioning techniques related 1) to the group and 2) from the group

  • Dealing with disruptive people

  • How to brainstorm ideas from a group that lead to insights and action

  • Games and exercises to keep the group engaged and full of energy

  • Closing the session on a strong note


Program Overview: When participants leave one of your training or brain-storming sessions, do you want them to say “B-O-R-I-N-G. That was a nice day out of the office and a free lunch” or “Wow…the day just flew by! That was an amazing experience!” We specialize in creating the latter.


It takes a lot of effort to pull off a meeting where the group is highly engaged and leaves fired up to make positive change happen. In our workshop, participants will learn from a certified “Master” facilitator who has trained many facilitators at multiple multi-billion dollar organizations on the basics of what it takes to create a fun, impactful, and engaging learning experience.

This 1 ½ day program is limited to a maximum 10 participants. On Day 1, participants will learn critical things that facilitators need to do to from initial preparation of an impactful presentation to closing strong. At the conclusion of Day 1, participants are given a homework assignment to apply what they have learned. Each individual will have 15 minutes the next morning to facilitate a presentation that will be constructively coached by our master facilitator. Additionally, honest feedback will be given from other participants in a closely guided positive environment.

Also, do you have an important meeting coming up where you need some 1:1 coaching? Our master facilitator can help you construct, prepare, and observe your next facilitation session.   


*Maximum 10 people per session

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