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Program Objectives: To build and deliver:

  1. specific training content unique and proprietary to your company

  2. customized programs and/or modules from our specialties tailored to meet your needs

Program Overview: We know the challenges and expense of pulling your team out of their offices and markets for a few days whilst also ensuring that the agenda covers as many critical topics as possible. We can help you make the most out of your investment by building and executing customized, high-impact training that is right for you.

We have:

  • customized our content for facilitation during specific time slots at team training sessions, national/regional meetings, and leadership retreats to maximize impact of the meeting theme

  • built entire training programs (Leadership, Sales), specific to an organization and their industry when no programs existed prior.

  • designed and facilitated client meetings with specific needs whilst being the objective party that was able to help 1) draw out critical insights to improve organizational performance and/or 2) gain cross-functional alignment

  • built customized B2B Sales training for large organizations where their Retail business dominated, and prior training programs had little to no application for B2B teams

  • helped develop customized B2C Sales training by observing top performers pre/during/post Sale and then consolidating best practices into a high impact sales training program

Our core programs are built on proven, effective, proprietary business models and processes that we developed across many industries over many years to be 1) simple to remember, 2) simple to implement immediately, 3) synergistic, and 4) performance accelerating.


When it comes to client specific content, we work with their subject matter experts to tailor our content and/or develop new content specific to their organization, their industry, and their channels of business. This helps ensure that there is a positive learning experience, positive culture transformation, and improved sustainable results that all contribute to a strong return-on-investment.

Customized Training can help build upon past learning, reinforce prior learning, as well as chart new ground. It can be delivered live, online, or via our proprietary MLO-Monthly Learning Objective.

The new modules we develop can also help build or accentuate an internal training library where none may have existed before.

The training that we develop can be unique to you or a blend of your content mixed with our specialties (Customized Training Topics). You define what you need and connect us with the right internal people, we draft the program, you review the draft, and we make the requested edits so that your program is exactly what you want.  It is truly that simple.

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