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Leadership Development

High Performance Teams:

  • What the best teachers, leaders, and coaches have in common

  • 4 steps of building a high-performance team 

  • The ACE Principle: 3 key must do’s to lead high performance teams

  • Performance management: why and how all ‘People’ managers should be held accountable for the strength of their teams

  • 8 attributes of highly effective teams


Decision Making:

  • 5 key rules to making good decisions


Sustaining Team Motivation & Performance:

  • Performance Driver model…what motivates people to behave and exert/restrain effort

  • Sustaining high performing teams: The Employee Fuel Gauge & Performance Coaching model


Personal Leadership:

  • Prioritizing your time better

  • Dealing with bad days in a good way

  • Work/life balance

  • Why personal goals and 4 R's for personal time are so important

  • Why having a Personal Mission Statement is important



  • What does a bad hire really cost you? 

  • 4-step process to effectively deal with underperformers

  • Pruning and ‘De-Hiring’ the right way

  • Hiring the ‘right’ people versus hiring for ‘right now’ the right way

  • Building a position ‘Success Profile’ and why it is important

  • Career Progression: What it takes to get promoted in a Fortune® 100 company



  • How to get New Hires to "Star" in <90 days

  • 2-phase training strategy to raise the bar of your entire organization

  • 6 impactful training approaches to keep learning ongoing and drive results

    • 3 of which can be done from a home office


Public Speaking Training:

  • Our 4 step process on what it takes to create and deliver a strong presentation from thought to finish

  • Optional Facilitation skills and Keynote Speaking modules


Sales Development – Applies to all 


  • Our proven 4-step sales process that helped set 7 business development precedents across 2 Fortune® 100 companies

  • The 4 levels of questions that maximize insights and next steps

  • Why writing and executing a proper call plan is critical

  • The Call Plan: Why taking notes during the call matters

  • How making assumptions can hurt you…why facts matter 

  • Our simple 4-step discovery and 5- step objection handling process

  • How to succinctly summarize a call to insure full recall, buyer commitment, follow up on next steps, and keep a history of account activity and progress



  • The Customer Relationship Evolution pyramid

  • What buyers like and dislike in Sales people

  • The 3 primary types of buyers, 3 buyer mindsets, and 4 buyer roles influencing the final purchase decision



  • Cold calling and locking appointments tips: in-person and via telephone 

  • How to write effective emails with 1) customers and 2) internally

  • How to write effective internal 1-page proposals

  • How to write a proven high impact customer proposal and make a proven high impact presentation

  • Top 10 business texting tips


Business Reviews:

  • 3 types of business reviews

  • Do’s and don’ts for impactful presentations

  • What does an effective business review look like?

Sales - Field Sales additional topics

Being “Productive” vs. “Active”:

  • Maximizing return-on-invested time (ROIT) with proven time and territory management principles

  • Offensive and defensive selling – What is the % time split between

  • New and existing customers; which accounts should be prioritized?

  • Finding good leads and Lead Generation

  • Funnel/pipeline management


Foodservice Selling

  • Differences between Retail and Foodservice selling 

  • Why Foodservice and out-of-home channels are so important to help build Retail sales 

  • Differences in Foodservice channels

  • Key decision makers by channel

  • What are GPO's and how they impact business

  • What Foodservice buyers like and dislike in sales people

  • Important do's and don'ts

Sales - National Accounts additional topics

Large Account Sales Process:

  • Our 12-step large account sales process that set multiple business development precedents for two Fortune® 100 companies 

  • Tips to better navigate a complex sale with multiple stakeholders

  • Key negotiation tips to create a win/win

  • Tips to increase the chances of successful tests 


Being “Productive” vs. “Active”:

  • Maximizing return-on-invested time: How to focus where they can win

  • Understanding offensive versus defensive new & existing account management to maximize results

  • Tips to manage their funnel/pipeline

Marketing Development

  • One Team. One Number. : Improving Marketing & Sales Synergy Workshop

  • The Top 32 words marketers need to be masters of (contact us for more details)

  • The Top 25 Things Sales Teams Want Their Marketing Teams To Do Better (contact us for more details)


Business Planning

  • Streamlined business planning process

  • 3-Step planning prioritization pyramid

  • 12-Step process to build or rebuild a business

Business Basics

  • Holding effective meetings

  • Business writing for success

    • Presentations

    • Customer proposals

    • Internal 1-page proposal

    • Email protocol

    • Business texting

  • Effective decision making


Change Management Done Well

  • The 5-steps of doing change management well to minimize organizational anxiety and optimize morale to minimize disruption to your business

  • Leadership development concepts integrated are: Performance Driver model; 5 key rules to making good decisions

  • How making assumptions can hurt you

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