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Program Objective: To improve the analytical, Excel, and PowerPoint skills of Sales team members resulting in professional and impactful business reviews.

Upon conclusion of this ½-day program participants should be able to better understand:

• 3 key business review formats

• Critical business review do’s and don’ts

Analytical skills needed to interpret data

• Improve Excel skills which includes working on basic formulas, moving cells, and creating charts that can be       imported into PowerPoint

• Improve PowerPoint skills so that your team can format professional looking charts and presentations
Program Overview: If you are interested in improving the business review preparation skills of your team, we offer a ½ day workshop that can be integrated into a live team meeting. 
Participants are required to bring their own laptop wherein they will be asked to reformat an Excel spreadsheet, add formulas to calculate current vs. prior year trends, properly format Excel data which will then be converted into pie and column charts, and lastly, reformat the charts in PowerPoint to make them more impactful and easier for customers to interpret the data.
If you have a lot of revenue riding on a critical business review and need help creating a presentation that will impress as well as get your customer/distributor engaged in growing your business, this is the program for you and your team. If the stakes are high and you don't quite trust your team's skills, our team can help you build a business review that can impress.

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