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Every business is built one customer at a time. Every large business was once small. Small businesses cherish every new customer. As time progresses and the enterprise grows, some organizations lose sight on who built them and why they exist...CUSTOMERS!

​From our experience, some organizations feel that they are Sales driven. Others claim to be Marketing or Finance driven. When you think about it, shouldn’t every organization be CUSTOMER driven?

​While your paycheck may have your organization’s name on it, it is the profits earned from existing customers that serves as the pool of funds to be able to cash it. It is unfortunate that some business people lose sight of this.

We have heard a lot of customers of all sizes vent over the years on not "feeling the love." We specialize in helping organizations bring the love back!  All customers want to feel important, they want to give feedback, and we can help with our four critical customer initiatives.


Does it seem that your business is a leaky bucket as you are losing existing customers almost as fast as you are getting new ones? Do your customers feel you value them? Do only your top customers see your Sales people on a regular basis? Does the “squeaky wheel gets the oil” syndrome apply to the rest?


It takes a lot of work to find new customers. It is usually easier and less expensive to keep current customers than to find a new one. Lose a big customer and how many new customers would you need to find to recoup that revenue and profit?


If you don’t listen, show you care, or provide adequate service, good customers of all sizes may leave your franchise for a competitor. We can help figure out what may be causing attrition if you have a problem, as well as implement effective low-to-no incremental cost CRM (Customer Relationship Management) initiatives to address them. Even if you don’t have attrition issues we can help show you how to improve customer satisfaction to retain business and earn more referrals whether you have a big budget for retention or not. 


Attracting, acquiring, retaining, and growing customers are all growth drivers. It is important for Sales and Marketing to work together to achieve all of these goals. Unfortunately, many Sales people we have met over many years call their Marketing team the “Sales Prevention Department.” Many Marketers that we have met are frustrated with poor Sales execution when Sales got exactly what they asked for.


We have led Sales, Marketing, and Category Development teams. If your organization has friction between Sales and Marketing impeding synergy and alignment, our One Team. One Number: Improving Marketing & Sales Synergy Workshop can provide objective insights to improve synergy and accelerate results.

This high impact 1-day workshop helps your Sales and Marketing teams learn what they like and wish to see improved with the other. Factor in we can also do Customer Research to see what they think of your sales team and marketing, and a vibrant discussion is rich for the making. This workshop includes brainstorming solutions together and reviewing proven techniques to attract, acquire, retain, and grow more customers​.


At a Sales training workshop allowing participants to ask a 25+ year buyer in their industry questions on what they liked and disliked in Sales professionals, one buyer exclaimed “Does anyone do business reviews anymore?! We liked them! Why have they stopped?”

While customers like business reviews, many Sales Representatives that we have worked with over the years dislike preparing them for many reasons. The lack of consistency in what was presented to customers and distributors validated it. With that thought in mind, please answer the following questions as it relates to your Sales team:

  • When was the last time each member of your Sales team did a business review with their top customers? Top distributors? Are they done every 6 months?

  • Do you trust their Excel and PowerPoint skills? How about their analytical skills?  

  • Do they all know how to properly calculate year-over-year or multi-year trends?

    • If you said “Yes,” our next question is “Are you really sure?” We can help you test your team for FREE to validate as we have seen situations where upwards of 50% of Sales people surveyed could not.

  • Do they all follow the same presentation format?

  • Does anyone internally pre-check their self-created presentations before a customer/distributor sees them?

  • With thousands or millions of revenue of business at stake, do you need help in delivering a professional business review at an affordable price? ​






Making a small investment to have a great looking business review for a valued customer or distributor will help protect your business! Our “Business Analysis” can help you find the "story" in your data. Our experienced formatters can then be leveraged to help tell your story well so that your team can gain alignment on key next steps to accelerate results. 

​If you are interested in improving the business review preparation skills of your team, our High Impact Business Review Workshop has been designed to build upon those abilities.

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