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Too often rumors get out ahead of restructurings causing a lot of internal anxiety and disruption to momentum. From our experience, too many people who make decisions on needed changes neglect factoring in the psychological impact to the organization of these changes ahead of time.

The biggest impact on "Change Management" is "Implementation Management." A memo or video from a senior leader attached to an email is rarely sufficient to maintain morale and momentum. Enter JELL Training & Consulting to help make your next change initiative the smoothest one yet!

Engaging us prior to, during, and after your next change initiative could make a positive difference.  Our extensive experience of do’s and don’ts from dealing with many reorganizations ourselves, combined with strong experience from the integration of an acquisition, can help you maximize culture transformation, morale, and change embracement while minimizing possible disruptions to your business.

We also have strong experience in helping to structure Sales teams in several industries. Structuring Field Sales teams is different than National Accounts. We can help you assess the right structure for your organization, update the skill set requirements for each role, and help determine which candidates could move your business forward faster.

From thought to finish, we can help you better plan, execute, and manage change and culture transformation in a good way. We also have a Change Management Done Well training program which is geared exclusively to help those orchestrating and implementing change to make their next initiative their smoothest and most successful.

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