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Why Leverage DiSC®?

Understanding yourself better is the first step towards becoming more effective when working with others.  Our core Leadership training programs outline the ‘macro’ details regarding the basics and key processes to build, lead, coach, and sustain high performance teams. DiSC® brings the ‘micro’ aspect so every person can better understand themselves and the impact of their personal style to maximize relationships, communication, and results with direct reports, peers, superiors, and customers.


Some of the things DiSC® helps with:

Improved Knowledge of Self

  • Understanding your own personal behavioral style including priorities, motivators, and stressors

Improved Communication With Others

  • Connect and communicate stronger with superiors, peers, direct reports, and customers by understanding their behavioral styles, priorities, motivators, and stressors and what adjustments are needed to maximize effectiveness with each

  • Sales professionals effectively recognizing and adapting to their customers' unique buying styles to close more sales

Leadership Development

  • Regardless of the level within the organization, for those who manage people, DiSC® team mapping and the Everything DiSC® 363 correlating direct report, peer, and team feedback to a Manager’s personal DiSC® assessment can be very enlightening to improve effectiveness

  • Training programs to explore the difference between Managerial 1:1 and Leadership one-to-many relationships offering insights to more effectively lead individuals and groups/organizations to desired outcomes

Team Performance

  • Improve team dynamics and cohesiveness

  • Training programs to explore how people of different styles can work better together and the key behaviors of a cohesive team

Conflict Resolution

  • Deal more effectively with constructive conflict situations and avoid destructive conflict


People ultimately drive the growth or demise of any organization.  What we say, how we say it, when we say it, why we say it, and whom we say it to all impact how people will feel and react to certain situations.  How we feel drives motivation, behavior, and effort. Say things right and people may be motivated to do more than expected. Don’t handle the conversation well and less motivation, conflict, and team dysfunction may result.  DiSC® helps minimize the chances of this happening if applied.

We became ardent believers in DiSC® during our professional lives prior to consulting full-time. Why? Things called out in our DiSC® assessments came through loud and clear when compared to 360 Review feedback done years later. Impactful! But even better, we can combine the best of 360’s and DiSC® together at a very affordable price to help maximize your leadership development dollars!

Our DiSC® Analysis Services and Workshops show how we can help your Managers lead more effectively and your teams work more cohesively to drive improved results to generate a strong return-on-investment.

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