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What is DiSC®?


DiSC® is an affordable and impactful online assessment that helps determine the personal behavioral style of individuals and makes recommendations on their improving communication...(more)

Why Leverage DiSC®?


Understanding yourself better is the first step towards becoming more effective when working with others.  Our core Leadership training programs outline...(more)

How Does DiSC® Work?

DiSC® is not a test. You cannot pass or fail. There are no right or wrong answers. There is no one style that is better than another. The DiSC® assessment is also easy to take...(more)

DiSC® Analysis Services

To help improve individual performance, cohesive teamwork, and leadership development in your organization, we offer the following services:

Individual DiSC® behavioral assessments

  • To help individuals better understand their own personal behavioral style, work priorities, motivators, and stressors as well as understand the styles of others and where to make needed communication adjustments. There are also assessments to gain knowledge on your managerial style, sales style, and how you function in conflict. The productive conflict assessment gives you a better understanding on how you deal with conflict and how it can be managed more productively. 


Manager DiSC® team mapping and comparison reports with 1:1 coaching

  • Conduct DiSC® assessments for a manager and each direct report

  • Map out where all DiSC® styles on the team lie and compare styles with your entire team

  • Provide 1:1 coaching to the manager on adjustments they may wish to make to improve team dynamics and results by person.

Leadership development via the Everything DiSC® 363

  • How you see yourself may be very different than how direct reports, peers, and your Manager see you. This assessment combines the best of 360’s with the simplicity and power of DiSC®, plus three personalized strategies for improving leadership effectiveness.

  • Everything DiSC® 363 results are reviewed 1:1 with our DiSC® Certified specialist with coaching provided.

DiSC® Starter Kit

Manager and Team Assessments

  • Manager’s personal DiSC® Management style assessment & report

  • Direct report DiSC® Workplace behavioral assessment, report PLUS DiSC® style Comparison Report between the Manager & each direct report (An small additional charge for each direct reports assessment)

  • Manager DiSC® Team Map with Group Culture report

  • 2 hours 1:1 coaching with Manager on results of all assessments  which includes strategies to improve communication with each direct report

  • Get the most out of 1 day with these additional options:

    • Morning: please see above with 1:1 manager coaching and include a DiSC® 363 Review

      • 360 review plus three personalized strategies for improving leadership effectiveness with 2 hours of 1:1 coaching

    • Afternoon: 4 hour customized DiSC® Workplace workshop with the Manager and their entire team


DiSC® Workshops

We can offer engaging, high impact group sessions whereby leadership skills can be developed and teams can better understand each other’s style to improve synergy, strength of relationships, and cohesiveness to help drive improved results and minimize conflict. To learn more about our group programs please review our DiSC® workshops.

DiSC Analysis Services
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