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You have got the team that got you where you are today. Do you have the team to get you where you need to go? 

Teams that consistently win championships usually field the strongest team possible across every role with each player doing their part to play their role well and win as a team.

When it comes to maximizing the strength of your team, there are a lot of constantly moving parts. From dealing with voluntary and involuntary turnover, to regular team calibrations on a performance grid, to pruning under-performers, to hiring and properly onboarding people with the skill set you need, to training them, to ongoing performance coaching and reviews, building and sustaining a strong team is not a sometime thing, it is an everyday thing.

Also factor in:

  • Most existing team members want to continue to learn and grow professionally

  • New team members need to get up to speed quickly

  • One bad hire can cost you a lot in lost focus, lost time, lost team morale, and possibly lost business

We can help you implement the disciplines needed to field the strongest team possible at all times with ongoing learning and development programs for every person in every role so they can all be stronger contributors to success.


We can help every person that is in charge of a team from front line managers to CEO’s get and give more effort to drive results. We can also help ensure behaviors are changed to transform cultures and drive sustainable results in a positive environment sooner rather than later with our Leadership Development  program.


Every annual business plan should include a “people” plan. Why? It is because people drive:


  • execution of the business strategy and plan

  • the strong, mediocre, or lack luster trends that result


A specialty of ours is to help our clients build a strong "People" plan to drive strong execution of their business plan. Fortune® 100 companies have benefitted well from disciplines we taught them. You can too!


For the money you pay, do you have the best possible person in every role in every market? If not, please keep reading.

Our starting point is asking Managers to provide an honest grade regarding the performance of each member of their team. We also ask that Manager’s immediate superior to do the same. We then apply a weighting scale to calculate an overall team grade based on the average of the Manager’s and their boss’s score. This can be a very eye opening experience!

With this initial snapshot complete, we then move to a more formal team evaluation by doing a calibration on a performance matrix. We can help you determine:

  • Who is promotable?

  • Who is possible Managerial bench-strength and may need some challenging projects to grow?

  • Who needs performance improvement or an exit strategy?

  • Which business critical training programs we offer + internal training can help each employee close important learning gaps to drive improved results

  • Individual learning plans by person and Manager to help each team member to become stronger

  • An annual “People” Plan showing a training calendar summarizing training needs and timing by department


Call us today to learn more on how we can help you incorporate a strong people plan to support execution of a solid business plan.


* We offer Open Enrollment programs in core business disciplines so any organization of any size, small to large, can send employees as needed at affordable rates.


Many organizations have weak and/or inconsistent interview processes which creates vulnerability to discrimination lawsuits. We have also seen avoidable attrition and termination situations because very busy managers hired a person for "right now" instead of being diligent in the process and waiting to hire the "right" person.

​We have been through almost every interview format possible in our careers. Some are better than others and our 7-step hiring process can help make your next hiring situation smoother.  One step rarely discussed by others that we drill into is ‘Return Recruiting’ and the associated benefits.


We can help improve objectivity, discipline, and consistency in your hiring process. If you receive many resume’s and want a second opinion on candidates, we can also help you screen them in your quest to find and hire the "right" person.


While Sales is our specialty, the basics of building a strong onboarding program apply to any role. We can teach you how take New Hires to “Superstar” in <90 days.

New Hires too often have to learn via “trial by fire.”  We have trained many people over the years who advised at least one employer in their career used the “Here is your desk, here is your phone, here is the paperwork you need to fill out, good luck, and see you at your annual review” method.

All too often people who are very motivated on day 1 get deflated quickly when they try their best yet they can’t do what they don’t know. Enter JELL Training & Consulting to help simplify the process.

​A structured onboarding program that phases key learning over a 60-90 day window can pay huge dividends. Weaved into the program is learning from peers as well as their manager without crippling anyone’s ability to manage their own responsibilities on a daily basis.

​We have seen situations where New Hires, that were “brought up-to-speed,” performed at rates triple to that of veterans because they were 1) so appreciative of the investment made to ensure their success and 2) much more confident in their abilities.

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