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Program Objective: To enable businesses of any size to send individuals or small groups to regularly scheduled workshops to improve leadership, coaching, communication, change management, sales, public speaking skills and improving work/life balance.


Program Overview: We have worked with small, medium, and large businesses alike. We understand that many small to medium sized organizations have limited to no training resources and that budget dollars are precious. We also know that large businesses have training needs and scheduling challenges trying to get a large enough group to do a session on site.

That is why we offer regularly scheduled Open Enrollment programs in critical business skill areas that can immediately be applied to drive improved results for any organization of any size.


Our training goals are simple

  1. to help every participant become much more successful sooner versus later

  2. deliver at least a 10-fold return on investment for every $ invested in our programs 

  3. have each participant leave every session saying “That is the best training program I have ever attended!”

At present, we plan to offer the following workshops at least 2-4 times/year in the Los Angeles area with a maximum classroom participant size of 36 people*:

Leadership Development:

Sales Training:

Public Speaking Training:


Continental breakfast and lunch are provided for all participants with their registration fee. If you are interested in any of the above programs, please Contact Us for the next available date.

*Maximum class size for Presentation Skills Training is 15 people & Facilitation Skills Training is 10 people

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