It's official...We've LAUNCHED!!

We've Launched!!

Welcome to our new blog -The ACCELERATOR. JELL Training & Consulting is dedicated to accelerating business and people performance…hence the name of our blog.

There is an old saying “Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.” Those of us who will be contributing to this blog have lived and breathed every word that will be written. We will be sharing many experiences from many years in the business, government, and non-profit worlds to save you learning what we have learned the hard way. With that in mind, our goals are to 1) save you the learning curve and 2) put more good into this world to make our readers lives richer and easier.

Regardless of what type of organization you work for, if you are in a role with the responsibility to accelerate business or people performance, this blog is for you! There are many ways to get more out of your business and people. The key is to do it in a positive manner with sustainable results.

We will be sharing many concepts, processes, ideas, and examples that have proven to help not one but two Fortune 100® companies build North American leading teams and businesses, privately held companies, private equity holdings, government agencies, and non-profits. These are all examples of businesses. If you provide goods or services that address the needs and wants of others, and you get a paycheck for it, you are in a business. We want to help you get more business and retain it, regardless of the industry.

Topics we will cover fall into 2 buckets: Business and People acceleration. Just some of the topics you can expect to see (with many sub-topics) in upcoming blogs will be:

  • How to build, lead, and sustain high performing teams

  • How to do “Change Management” well

  • What it takes to keeps employees highly engaged and motivated

  • 12 steps of building/rebuilding a business