4 Key Steps To Strengthen Your Decisive Insights In The Workplace.

Having a decisive insight is, for lack of a better term, making an educated guess as to how a situation will pan out. How does this pertain to your workplace? Each and every day, employees, of every level, are tasked with making primary and important deductions about situations. Generally, this is a constant in life as a whole.

Whenever I think of what decisive insights are, I come back to an experience I had a few years ago while I was in Sales. I was with a client, going over the product information and looking through all of the options that we had to offer.

Typically, I had found it important to let the client sift through everything, give details along the way, listen to their needs, and from there, once they go through all of the options, go back to the one that pertains the most. But in this one instance, I chose to go against my “usual” model.

After the client had seen only three products, I knew that one had caught the client’s attention and I assessed if it was necessary to continue on when the focus could be directed to what they were already interested in. I did so, focused exclusively on that product and in turn made the sale. But what a risk.

I’m not alone in making these day to day decisions that one has to assess. But that is where your decisive insights come into play.


Here’s a list of 4 important steps to aid in the development of your decisive insights so that you can go on to make the sale, or address conflict with a direct report, or change the direction of your presentation etc.