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It is the sum of every person’s and team’s efforts that adds up to your year end results. Are you getting the most out of every individual and team? If not, let us show you how easy it really is to build, lead, and sustain high performing teams!

From our years of experience, we have seen too many organizations wait for individuals to achieve the elusive VP level before making any type of leadership development investment. What about those in the middle and lower tiers who lead teams and make important people and business decisions every day? Who is developing and coaching them? 

​ At JELL Training & Consulting, we don’t want to train your leaders; we want to develop them.  We can help every person in charge of a team become a more effective leader, regardless of experience or level in the organization. Our proven disciplines in building high performance teams in several different industries means that everyone can take their own game, and their team’s game, to the next level in a positive environment…often in record time.

​We offer 4 core “macro” leadership development programs:



As an authorized and certified partner, we also bring great value by bringing the “micro” perspective to people leading at their best and their teams functioning at their highest level.


Complementing our 4 core “macro” programs, we offer 3 DiSC analytical services and 5 workshops to bring you a comprehensive leadership development program. Our DiSC Analytical Services include:

  • Individual DiSC behavioral assessments with a comprehensive report

  • Manager DiSC team mapping with 1:1 coaching

  • Everything DiSC 363 combining the best a 360 with DiSC  + 3 strategies to improve effectiveness = 360 + 3 = a 363


Our DiSC Workshops include


Put our leadership development experience to work for you. We are confident that you will be very happy with your return-on-your investment if learning is applied.

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